About Schoolies

Schoolies Week is a celebration of crossing the finish line of high school and being released into the world.

Australians have been celebrating Schoolies Week since the 1980’s! Yes, around the time your parents graduated high school!

However schoolies celebrations have now been almost a compulsory Rite of Passage, and so much effort is now put into the schoolies events (by groups such as “Sure Thing Schoolies Travel” to make schoolies week the most memorable week of your life…. If you’re expecting the party of a lifetime… You won’t be disappointed 🙂

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the group organiser for your schoolies group and your friends are relying on you to organise a great trip. That’s why it’s in your hands to make the smart decision and book your trip with Sure Thing Schoolies – Don’t let your friends settle for anything less. After 13 years at school you all deserve an absolutely awesome schoolies week!

Great Experiences for Schoolies in Bali

kuta-bali-schoolies5Most students are always ready to start planning their Schoolies week as soon as it goes on sale. For those who participated in the schoolies in Bali event they often wouldn’t even consider spending schoolies week anywhere else. It certainly is easy to understand why when you consider just how awesome Bali truly is.

Kuta certainly becomes the hot spot and the most favoured area although there are lots of things to see and do during the schoolies break. The majority of young people who participate in this event have spent a gruelling year hitting the books and they are ready to just enjoy all that life has to offer them through a schoolies in Bali adventure.

kuta-bali-schooliesIt is a common scene to see students start watching the news to see what is going to be said about Bali and how it is preparing for the on rush of eager schoolies. With this being such a favoured location amongst the students, the residents of Bali start preparing for their arrival far in advance.

Although you may be thinking of the non-stop fun, and putting the famous Bali sunset club as your first place to hit you need to keep in mind that the hotels are soon filled here. You can just imagine the big disappointment you will be facing if you don’t book your accommodations early. You may be new to researching schoolies in Bali and aren’t too sure where the best place to stay at would be. You can avoid the risk of disappointment and not having to worry about doing a search for a place to stay by letting a travel agent look after all that for you. At the same time you can have all your travel arrangements looked after by them as well.

Chances are you are going to be going with other schoolies so you may want to encourage them to make all their arrangements at the same time as you. That way you will be more likely to be able to travel together and that’s half the fun of a schoolies week.

kuta-bali-schoolies3There will be a lot of parties going on and for safety factors it’s always wise to attend any of the Bali functions for schoolies in a group. There will be plenty of drinking and some people do tend to get a bit carried away with this that can lead them to trouble. For the most part though, a good time is had by all. Even though you will soon become part of the crowd you are still in an unfamiliar place so it’s wise to stay with your friends.

If you begin to tire of the party scene you may want to check out if there are any schoolies events being held during your schoolies in Bali week. These are usually alcohol free events yet they are really popular when they are available.

Try to plan your time so you enjoy the day as well as the nighttime events in Bali. Also if you are up for shopping then you are sure to find some great deals waiting for you.

kuta-bali-schoolies4Don’t worry about having to run around to get your travel and accommodation arrangements made as we would be happy to look after all the Schoolies booking components for this for you. We are experts when it comes to schoolie needs, and we know all the best travel ways and the top-rated accommodation when it comes to schoolies in Bali. You will love the prices as well! Sure Thing Schoolies Travel actually has the best prices for all Schoolies packages in Bali

If you need additional assistance with any booking, or have a special request, simply contact us via phone 1300 49 59 69 (extended office hours) or email us at schoolies@surething.com.au

Kuta Beach and Legian form the popular beach and nightlife precinct in Bali. This is the official Schoolies district. Flight times from Australia ranges from 3 to 6 hours.
Bali Schoolies map

Schoolies 2024
Week One: 16 Nov – 23 Nov 2024
Week Two: 23 Nov – 30 Nov 2024

Schoolies 2025
Week One: 15 Nov – 22 Nov 2025
Week Two: 22 Nov – 29 Nov 2025

Schoolies aged 16 to 18 who are completing year 12 on the year of travel may attend. If you have left school early (eg Year 10) for work or TAFE and you are in this age group then you may also attend. The Schoolies accommodation, parties and activities are accessible to all Schoolies 18+ as well as under 18.

Schoolies AccommodationThe Schoolies Package shown must be booked through Sure Thing Schoolies

Name: Bounty Hotel Kuta
Address: Poppies II, Kuta, Bali

Beach: 200m (Famous Kuta Beach)
Town: 200m (Famous Legian nightlife)

2 to 5 people per room.
Larger groups can have more than 1 room in close proximity.
You will not have to share your room with other people you do not know. Each group gets private rooming.

Single bed and Double bed combinations can be requested.

Name: Ramada Sunset Bali
Address: Jl. Sunset Road No.9, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Beach: 5km (Famous Kuta Beach)
Town: 2km (Famous Legian nightlife)

2 people per room. Larger groups can have more than 1 room in close proximity. You will not have to share your room with other people you do not know. Each group gets private rooming. Private bathroom, shower and toilet are included in the accommodation

Single bed and Double Beds can be requested.

Name: Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach
Address: Jl. Pantai Kuta No.99x, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Beach: 4km (Famous Kuta Beach)
Town: 2km (Famous Legian nightlife)

2 people per room. Larger groups can have more than 1 room in close proximity. You will not have to share your room with other people you do not know. Each group gets private rooming. Private bathroom, shower and toilet are included in the accommodation

Single bed and Double Beds can be requested.

Flying with Virgin Airways, Jet Star or Air Asia (depending on city of origin) flying to Denpasar (Bali) as the final destination.
Schoolies transfers are included in the Schoolies packages for transport between the airport and the Schoolies accommodation. Estimated journey time is 15 minutes.
Every night. The Schoolies wristband gets you access to Schoolies parties. Parties are held on-site at the Schoolies accommodation as well as the local nightlife.

Free for Schoolies at Resort

  • 2 Swimming pools
  • Hotel Parties
  • Games and Competitions

Premium Activities

(Costs involved)

  • Surf Board Hire
  • Elephant Rides
  • Waterbom Theme Park
  • Splash Water Park
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise
  • White Water Rafting
  • Quad Bikes and Buggy adventures
  • Bali Bird Park
  • Dolphin Cruise
  • Horse riding on the Beach
  • Tubing
  • River Kayaking
  • Massage and Pamper
  • Kitesurfing and Windsurfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Jet Skiing
  • Speedboating

For Schoolies images click: www.balischooliesweek.com.au/gallery

Official Bali Schoolies Video

Some measures are in place to make it as safe as possible for Schoolies. Sure Thing Schoolies has a 100% Safety record in all 14 years that it has been running Schoolies events. 24 hour security is on-site for extra peace of mind. The biggest contributing factor to your safety is your own behaviour during Schoolies week. Part of enjoying Schoolies celebrations is staying safe and healthy.
  • Flights between Australia and Bali
  • 20 kg check-in luggage on the flight included
  • 7 Nights Accommodation at the Schoolies Hotel
  • Wristband for entry into Schoolies Parties
  • Daily Buffet Breakfast
  • Free welcome drink
  • Free cocktail
  • 1 hour Balinese massage
  • VIP Schoolies Entry and BBQ buffet at Sky Garden Night Club
  • Day cruise with Bounty Cruise (For Bounty Hotel Kuta bookings)
  • Sure Thing Schoolies Beer Pong Set with Red Cups (One set for each group)
  • Sure Thing Schoolies Shot Glass
  • Sure Thing Schoolies Cap
  • Sure Thing Schoolies Lanyard
Package Prices include flights from your departure city to Bali and back
All package prices are PER PERSON and in $AUD. No extra to pay in Taxes.



Perth Departure $1,095
Melbourne Departure $1,295
Adelaide Departure $1,395
Brisbane Departure $1,445
Sydney Departure $1,495
Auckland Departure $1,695


Perth Departure $1,145
Melbourne Departure $1,345
Adelaide Departure $1,445
Brisbane Departure $1,495
Sydney Departure $1,545
Auckland Departure $1,745


Perth Departure $1,195
Melbourne Departure $1,395
Adelaide Departure $1,495
Brisbane Departure $1,545
Sydney Departure $1,595
Auckland Departure $1,795

Deposit: $200 per person at time of booking
Instalment: $400 per person on 1st of August of year of travel
Balance: Remaining amount due on 1st of September of year of travel
Bond: $0 (no bond)

Some Schoolies request two weeks of schoolies consecutively. For a 2 week trip, the second week is discounted by $500.

Stage 1
Upon payment of deposit, group members must register on an online form:

  • Full name as per I.D. or passport
  • Mobile number
  • Personal email address

Stage 2
On 10th of August of the year of travel, group members must register on an online form:

  • Address
  • Home Number
  • Date of Birth
  • High School Name and Suburb
  • Portrait photo
Travel Documents including flight E-Tickets and Check-in vouchers are sent by email approximately 28 days before departure.
Travel Insurance is mandatory. Travel insurance can be purchased separately and details can be submitted to Sure Thing Schoolies, or simply add the travel insurance we have available for Schoolies to your Schoolies package for $76 per person for a 1 week trip. Travel insurance documentation and payment will have to be finalised and confirmed before it applies. Contact schoolies@surething.com.au for Schoolies travel insurance details.
Payments are non-refundable. Changes are allowed in certain circumstances, see terms and conditions for details
Yes. We understand that you want Freedom. You have the freedom to explore the beautiful island and experience the culture. You can go shopping, do tours and activities as you wish.
No. You don’t have this restriction at Sure Thing Schoolies Resorts.

The pricing does vary depending on the resort and where you are flying from. All the prices are as follows and are all inclusive of Flights between Australia and Bali, 20 kg check-in luggage on the flight included, 7 Nights Accommodation at the Schoolies Hotel, Wristband for entry into Schoolies Parties, Daily Buffet Breakfast, free welcome drink, free cocktail, 1 hour Balinese massage, a day cruise with Bounty Cruise (For Bounty Hotel Kuta bookings), VIP Schoolies Entry and BBQ buffet at Sky Garden Night Club, Sure Thing Schoolies Beer Pong Set with Red Cups (One set for each group), Sure Thing Schoolies Shot Glass, Sure Thing Schoolies Cap and a Sure Thing Schoolies Lanyard.

Bounty Hotel Kuta Bali: Perth $1095.00, Melbourne $1295.00, Adelaide $1395.00, Brisbane $1445.00, Sydney $1495.00, Auckland $1695.00

Ramada Sunset Bali: Perth $1145.00, Melbourne $1345.00, Adelaide $1445.00, Brisbane $1495.00, Sydney $1545.00, Auckland $1745.00

Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach: Perth $1195.00, Melbourne $1395.00, Adelaide $1495.00, Brisbane $1545.00, Sydney $1595.00, Auckland $1795.00

In addition to speaking Balinese/Indonesian, most people in Bali speak English reasonably well, especially those who are linked with the tourism industry (eg. hotel staff, taxis, shop staff). You will have no issues with communication in Bali.
No. When you are shopping or purchasing things in Bali you will find that the prices are generally lower than what they would be in Australia.
Enjoy the amazing food available in Bali. The food includes all the normal stuff you would expect (remember that Australians are one of the main visitors to Bali!) It would include things like Pizza, Chicken, Steak, Pasta, Fish and Chips, Wedges, Seafood, Burgers, Fresh Fruit. Basically, all the things you would be used to in Australia. In addition, there is the local Balinese food available, Italian food and other European and Asian food. Meals are quite cheap in Bali.
Yes. There are so many food outlets available that you are very likely to find multiple options for your dietary requirements and because most of the Balinese are Hindu, most of them are vegan or vegetarian, so there are plenty of vegan/vegetarian foods available.
You don’t need a passport to make a booking, but you will need one before you travel. You get them at the Post Office. It’s a good idea not to wait too long after making a booking to start organising your passport. Try not to leave it any later than 2 months before you travel.
Yes, you do need a visa to get into Bali. This is done on arrival in Bali and costs $45.00. The departure tax is also paid at the airport on your way out and is around $20.00.
Yes. The electricity supplies the same voltage output. You will just need a universal adaptor to be able to plug in your electrical items. You can get these from most convenience stores, online, or at the airport when you’re departing Australia, they are usually under $20.00. It’s also a good idea to bring a power board in addition to the adaptor (so that you can plug in multiple items at once if necessary). These adaptors are also available in Bali if you forget.
Bali is in the same time zone as Western Australia (UTC +8)
Please consult your doctor regarding immunisations.
The local currency in Bali is called Rupiah. Although this varies, you can currently get 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah with $1 Australian. You can exchange your money whilst still in Australia or at the airport when you arrive in Bali, however, you can also exchange money at the local money exchange shops within walking distance of the resort. Count your money carefully, some money exchange stores tend to miscalculate. The best option is to use your Australian ATM card, some of them work in the ATMs in Bali and will give you the local Rupiah Currency. Almost all Australian ATM cards work if they have “Cirrus” or “Maestro” written on them.
Bali is a unique and an epic School Leavers experience. Booking an official Sure Thing Schoolies package takes your experience to the next level of awesomeness.
Absolutely. This is a must to ensure you that have no problems at check-in. It will also ensure you are at a “Verified” School Leavers Resort – these resorts must meet guidelines of safety, prime location, good rooms, School Leavers friendly staff and it also ensures that you don’t miss out on the genuine School Leavers experience.
Just like the hottest concert tickets… The schoolies hotel rooms get snapped up nice and early, the earlier you book, the better it is for you. To get things rolling, contact schoolies@surething.com.au and let them know how many people are in your group. From there, they will send you an itinerary of the best available rooms and will give you details on how you can make them yours!
These are the House Rules for this event: Download House Rules
Full terms and conditions: click here

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