Hope you’re all looking forward to an awesome schoolies week in Bali!!

Awesome Feedback

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  • Benjamin


    Not a boring place. Fantastice events everyday. Really enjoyed it so muchh!! Cant 4get the girl I’ve met there 😉 lolz xx

  • Harry


    Best schoolies trip overseas!! Thanks Sure Thing for the great help.

  • Eli


    Would like to return next year and book to Sure Thing Schoolies again 😉

  • Alexis


    Bali was a perfect destination for schoolies for those who wanted to party, thanks Sure Thing for organising 🙂

  • Lucy


    Great place to spend time with friends and meet new people! beaches and weather were both amazing and there’s always something to do.

  • Addison


    cant wait to come back – such a great atmosphere and unique culture! Had the best time. Sure Thing Schoolies Ya’ll!

  • Dylan


    hell yah!!.. Party2x!! Bali nightlife is awesome, love the chicks 😉 lol 😀

  • Flynn


    Perfect destination for schoolies, good clubs, and the beach was so… so… great!! Sure Thing Schoolies you are a god-send

  • Jake


    Schoolies in Bali is my best week ever! Excellent location, great weather, shops, and transport.

  • Alyssa


    The beach party was great. LOVE IT 😉

  • Damon


    Had a great time also in Bali. After a few drinks tried another club but can’t recall the name which was also good…lol!! We just went with the arranged schoolies parties… it was great!

  • Jasper


    Really enjoyed the week in Bali. REALLY GREAT!!!

  • Louis


    The dance floor and bars are awesome it’s just so different to anything I’ve seen before, and me and all my friends loved it!!! Thanks Sure Thing – Loves the Schoolies Cruise!!

  • Brodie


    Hey, if you can’t find the schoolies hotel in Bali, it means you’ve fallen asleep over dinner!
    Hahahha lol!!! Got the official Schoolies package

  • Dimitri


    We enjoyed the Schoolies parties.. Thanks Sure Thing for organising it and getting us the wristbands for access!

  • Rex


    the schoolies in Bali is very organised,we really enjoyed it so much!!!! it was fun….!!!
    thank you Sure Thing for the amazing week !…..

  • Hamish


    This place has got to be one of the nicest beaches on earth. Would love to go back again. The schoolies hotel staff looked after us really well too… All the inclusions were great.

  • Mitch


    Nighttime….PARTY TIME!!!! Thanks Sure Thing for making schoolies week Epic!! Even my parents were happy when they saw how safe it was from the videos I took on my iphone. We all just had a really really good time.

  • Yaz


    Schoolies party in Bali is so great!!!!! our experienced there is memorable and unforgettable!!!!!! 🙂
    thanks Sure Thing staff for the priceless experienced…. 🙂

  • Sarika


    i want to go back there 🙂 everything was around you and very convenient….thumps up (y) for the very organised schoolies party in Bali….!!! thanks Sure thing staff!!!

  • Althea


    the party was perfect,the experienced was awesome!!!!
    plan to go back there with my friends 🙂

  • Rain


    thank you Sure Thing!!!!!…we had an awesome week in Bali…!!! 🙂

  • Chester


    my brother told me about his experience in Bali that the schoolies party there is great!!!!!!… 🙂
    can’t wait to go to Bali schoolies,very excited!!!!!!!!! see yah there 🙂

  • Emma


    I meet new friends there,really enjoy the party so muchhhhhhh ;)..this is the main reason I enjoyed my experience there..thank you Sure Thing!!!!!…

  • Ana


    Schoolies in Bali is a great schoolies destination!!!!! if you’re looking for an enjoyable week!!!!! 🙂

  • Pamela


    Schoolies in 2012 in Bali is gonna be better than ever!!!

    Thanks Sure Thing Schoolies!! xxoxox

  • Julie


    Can’t waitttttt for schoolies in Bali… Sooo Keen!

  • Brad


    We Love Bali!!

    Skoolies 4ever!!!!!

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